Sabbah is a Computer IT residing in Los Angeles, California. She is an upcoming graduate from California State University Northridge where she is working on a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Technology. Sabbah is passionate about bridging the gap between business and technology while working towards a common goal as a team player. Analyzing problems and inovating fun solutions through the power of technology is what she finds most fulfilling. As an avid learner, she continuously seeks opportunities to learn and gain skills. She is an IT ecompasing skills in network design, web development, cloud computing, systems administration and more. Currently, she is working on getting certifications as well as hands on experience with implementing a variety of AWS services in projects for school and for fun. Information on her coursework and technical projects can be found in the projects and education tabs in the navigation bar

This website was created using various AWS services as a project for fun in order to practice web development as well as enhance her skills in HTML and expirement with universal design and various colors and font styles through CSS. The site provides information on her technical projects, achievements, education, skills, and more. Links to her GitHub and email are provided in the footer below as ways to communicate with her, provide feedback, or just keep in touch. Thank you for visiting!

Website Architecture

AWS Architecture
Figure: This figure shows the architecture of services and how they work together to host sabbahnoorhaq.com

  1. Users will type in the domain name sabbahnoorhaq.com that was registered using Amazon Route53 DNS service to access the website
  2. Traffic goes in and out of the internet gateway attached on the VPC to allow the VPC to communicate with the internet
  3. The traffic will be directed through an Application Load Balancer that will send users to the application in one of two Availability Zones
  4. The website is replicated into two Availability Zones for high availability meaning if one of the Availability Zones is to go down the website availability will not be affected. The website and many components are hosted inside a VPC with the EC2 instances being in the public subnet
  5. The website is hosted on an EC2 instance using the t2.micro instance type
  6. In the case that this website meets high traffic and demand, the Auto Scaling Group will scale up and down the capacity as needed so I only pay for what is needed